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Ellie is a dreamer; a romantic at heart. Her love for creating and arranging beautiful flowers for family and friends led her to take a leap of faith to found Ellie’s Garden Design Studio. Her beautiful work will take your breath away. She strives to find the graceful balance of being natural, adventurous, and organic, while remaining elegant and classic. Her signature aesthetic is inspired by nature and the harmonious ways of wild gardens.

Her career as a healthcare professional for almost a decade shows the caring side of her personality. Ellie was also the face of a successful fashion and lifestyle blog, where she got to explore and share her creative side with the world.

She’s married to the love of her life and best friend. They have formed a beautiful home together with two amazing kids, plus some furry creatures. Her favorite moments are always spent alongside them.

With Ellie’s Garden Design, she strives to create a memorable experience and tell a story that reflects her clients’ visions. She hopes that all her clients feel understood, heard, and in love with every detail. She finds it so gratifying to infuse their special day with those personal touches.

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